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A relatively up-to-date index of posts about simulations and games as well as class exercises and activities; some items appear in more than one category:




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6 Replies to “Simulation and Game Index”

  1. I am a new instructor and this is superhelpful for sourcing and inspiring interactive lessons on core concepts. Thank you

  2. I am using the theme of Power andthe individual and collective examples connected to it- in my world History class-

    You have so many simulations- can you advise me on what 2-3 sims would reflect any aspect of Power the best and most directly.

    I hope that makes sense- especially as I leave the interpretation of Power generally p to you.


    1. A few ideas:

      Stars & Triangles can be modified to focus on powerful states determining the rules of the game so that they are inherently advantaged in the system (as happens when some teams have templates for mass production and other don’t).

      The Global Development/IPE exercise has similarities to the above.

      I recommend starting with the Hobbes game though — both the original version and the extensions. They are easy to run in the classroom.

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