What does a good Politics/IR degree look like? Event: 26 Feb, 15.30 UK time

Regular readers will probably remember Stephen’s great blog on this topic last year.

Following a great response to his questions, we decided to set up this panel event to talk more about the issues and help Stephen as he wrestles with the task of revalidation. We will go into some of the issues at stake, including skills, employability, pedagogy, content and assessment in changing times. We will be hearing from panellists with a wide range of different experience including senior University leaders from our discipline. We are also keen to hear from attendees and have a real discussion on the issues. Hopefully by the end, Stephen will be able to validate his degree and we will all be the wiser.

The panellists are:

Dr Stephen Thorton, University of Cardiff

Dr Shuk Ying Chan, UCL

Professor Simon Lightfoot, University of Leeds

Dr Victoria Honeyman, University of Leeds

Professor Adam Fagan, King’s College London

Professor Lisa Harrison, University of the West of Scotland

Please sign up here to join us!