Meet the ALPS Blog team!

As part of our new ALPS set-up, we’re trying to get out more to meet up with colleagues, talking active learning and sustaining our community.

If you’d like to chat with any of us, then you find a handy list of events we’re signed/signing up to this year below. We’re all very pleasant, friendly types, so you’re always welcome to have a chat.

We can help with all your learning & teaching queries, and we’re also happy to advise on getting published (both here at the blog and elsewhere).

And if you’re not at these events, then we’re only an email away.

Looking forward to seeing you in 2024!

EventWho’s there?
Serious Play, Toronto, 12-14 AugustPigeon
Tacticon, Denver, 22-25 AugustPigeon
UACES, Trento, 1-4 SeptSimon
APSA, Philadelphia, 5-8 SeptAmanda, Jennifer, Pigeon

2 Replies to “Meet the ALPS Blog team!”

  1. Hi,
    I’ll be attending the PSA event in March. Just wondering if you have a table or anything, or will you just be floating around?

    1. We thrive on informality, so it’s floating all the way! You can always contact us beforehand to fix a chat, or look in the programme for when we’re doing other things.

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