Creating Wicked Students 2

As promised last week, here is an example of a wicked problem I’ve given to my comparative politics class.

  • You are an employee of the The Scowcroft Group.
  • Volkswagen wants to expand into a new African market.
  • Setting up production facilities and distribution channels will take three years.
  • Which sub-Saharan African country should Volkswagen choose to expand into?
  • Your task is to compare risk to political stability for two sub-Saharan African nation-states, and choose the one with the least risk.
  • Use ≥ 1 quantitative and ≥ 1 non-quantitative indicator.
  • Present your recommendation to Volkswagen’s CEO and board of directors.
  • You have 15 minutes to create a 3 minute presentation.

I show the instructions, small teams of students work on the problem, and each team presents its solution. I grade the presentations using this rubric: