Not a pretty picture

Since we’re all (hopefully) winding up for the winter break, just a quick post this week, to offer once again my graphics on Brexit and EU-UK relations.

As you’ll know, the topic is a bit of a live one and things move pretty fast; even now that it’s been ‘done’. So I hope that my summaries of key points, and trackers of developments will prove of some use for your classes.

You’re welcome to use them as you will, and if you’ve got something you think I might help with, then do ask as I’m always looking for new ways to put my amazing PowerPoint skills to use. Seriously.

More generally, you might find this all of use in thinking about your own area of work: since starting with these, I’ve found they’ve been picked up by a wide range of people, including many practitioners and non-academics, which has been good for the public engagement side of my work. Think of it as leaning into the whole ‘a picture is worth…’ thing, which works very well for social media.

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with a personal favourite, which highlights why I’m confident that I’ve got a long time yet on this subject. And the value of taking input from colleagues. And the need to date your work. And include creative commons info. And thinking about legibility. And much more.

PDF version:

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  1. I’m teaching the Politics of Europe spring semester and I’m trying to figure out how to pin your shared graphics file to where I can return to it. Do you know?

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