From the Back Office

A few updates related to maintaining this blog, per Simon’s recent post about institutionalizing one’s digital footprint:

The web host for ALPS is upgrading its server software to PHP version 7.4 in a few weeks. Supposedly this change is compatible with the blog’s current WordPress layout and will not introduce any errors. Fingers crossed, given what happened a little more than a year ago.

A few months ago, as part of an effort to distribute the blog’s content to a wider audience, I had to hire a programmer to disable the default WordPress RSS feed and create a new feed:

So if you use the RSS feed instead of being notified of new posts by email, and ALPS suddenly disappeared from your RSS reader, that’s why.

While the above information might make me sound like a tech guru, I’m not. Part of maintaining this website is figuring out what I can learn on short notice and when to seek help for what I can’t.

A tip of the hat to our long-running sponsor, Soomo Learning. We couldn’t keep the lights on without Soomo’s support. They are good people with a great product. Check them out.

Last, but not least, if all goes according to plan, my favorite colleague and most trusted adviser returns to the USA later today. After six months apart, it will be nice living with my wife again.