What I Have Learned During the Pandemic

My credibility bookshelf needs work.

Everyone can tell when you’re sitting in bed during a Zoom or Webex meeting.

A background that is nothing but a pale-colored wall makes you look like you’ve been taken hostage by Somali pirates. And can you work on your lighting?

Instructors should be designing fall semester courses as 100% online, with any on-campus components as supplemental/optional rather than essential. Even with social distancing, masks, and other protocols, there is a strong chance that campuses will completely close again, as happened in March. If one university gets a bunch of confirmed infections, every campus in the state will empty out. And your university will again lose dorm/meal plan revenue like it did in the spring semester.

Any university that is altering its academic calendar by adopting, for example, a block schedule in which students can complete the on-campus portion of a course in 4 weeks instead of 15, which enables only a third of the students to be on campus at any one time, is thinking ahead.

Intercollegiate athletics in the USA needs to go. Just get rid of it. Let the NFL and NBA pay for their own minor leagues. No reason for unemployed taxpayers to subsidize sports teams owned by billionaires.