ALPS has been awarded a Ducky for best group blog from the International Studies Association’s Online Media Caucus. This is our first officially-bestowed honor, and we greatly appreciate the recognition.

The Ducky inspired me to take stock of the work we’ve done here. ALPS content first appeared way back in February 2011 with a post replete with now-dead UW-Madison links (check out the phrase in the URL) — a sign that we have enjoyed greater longevity than much of what has been put on the internet. Since then, we’ve published more than 1,200 posts, mostly on teaching, with many written by contributors from different parts of the world. Our readership continues to expand; last September we exceeded 10,000 page views for the month.

I’m very happy with what this project has achieved.

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  1. Congratulations! I read the Blog each time it drops into my email.

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