Embedding social media

The piece I wrote some weeks back, about how to do social media, continues to attract interest from various quarters, possibly because of its amazing insights, possibly because I keep linking to it on my assorted feeds [sic].

One aspect that I didn’t explore very much was how to embed social media into what you do.

It’s easy to produce lots on such platforms, but harder to link it all up, especially with non-social media activity, such as teaching.

This came back to me yesterday, watching a webcast of Jon Worth. Jon’s a super-active campaigner and consultant, dashing around Europe to offer advice and support to all manner of groups.

He was speaking at a seminar in Brussels about how social media can be used as part of effective lobbying in European Union circles, which is interesting in itself, and I’d recommend watching the presentation for that alone.

But Jon also demonstrates very well how you can tie in social media activity with such spaces.

  • Most obviously, he gives links and info (and a hashtag) at the top of the session;
  • He also integrates online comments with his offline presentation, making clear that he’ll answer comments from the former once he’s dealt with the latter;
  • Throughout the piece, he’s referencing accounts and activity in a way that allows the audience to find them;
  • And at the end, he’s crediting sources.

Overall, I think it’s a very good demonstration of how one can blend platforms/media and hopefully it will stimulate your thoughts on this too.


UPDATE – and because Jon’s good like that, some additional comments from Twitter on this post.