Teaching Trump 3

Today we have a third installment in a spontaneous series on teaching political science in the time of Trump, written by William R. Wilkerson, Professor of American Government and Politics at SUNY-Oneonta. Previous posts in this series are here and here.

I too have struggled. My focus so far has been to spend more class time on two things: 1) the founding and how it informs what is happening in American politics today, and 2) on what political science, and social science generally, can tell my students about the rise of President Trump. I agree that neutrality is important. I need to be able to potentially reach all my students, regardless of their position on issues or their party affiliation. Three syllabi that helped guide my teaching this semester:

I also found the following blog posts, mostly by political scientists, particularly useful in putting together readings for students on various topics:

I found all of these resources during the winter break. I am sure that more good, accessible social science has emerged since the semester started. Do you have links to share?

Links to the full Teaching Trump series:

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  1. Quick correction: It’s “Dan Hirschman” and I was the sole author of the scatterplot syllabus. Thanks for the link, and especially for pointing to the 3.0 Syllabus from Public Books which I hadn’t seen.

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