A hard disconnect

unplug-98609_960_720Because I live in a country with a sensible attitude towards work conditions, I’m about to go on holiday, even as my American colleagues steel themselves for the run-in to the new academic year.

This time, and for the first time in quite a few years, I’m going to have a hard disconnect during my fortnight away. That means no emails (not even the just-checking-there’s-nothing-urgent peek), no tweeting, not even Facebook (my usual place for non-professional posting).

I could pretend that I’m trying this because of some higher purpose, but largely it’s because I’m exhausted after a really full-on year online. I’d give you figures, but I can’t be bothered to count the regular blogging, the irregular blogging, the webinars, the chats on Twitter, the arguments on Twitter, the online interactions with research partners, the media interviews and the Pokemon Go (and no, not that either on holiday).

Maybe when I come back, I’ll tell you if it’s done me any good. In the meantime, I’d say that I hope you don’t miss me, but I’m well-adjusted enough to know that you’ll probably not even notice.

Have a good break!