2016 Teaching and Learning Conference

PortlandRegistration is now open for APSA’s 2016 Teaching and Learning Conference, to be held in beautiful downtown Portland, Oregon. Likely themes for the conferences include simulations and games, teaching how to teach, the inclusive classroom, and civic engagement. And did I mention that the conference is in Portland this year?

As noted by the illustrious Susherwood (cue proper British diction), the TLC has a long and storied history with the folks here at ALPS. The TLC’s working groups lead to quite a bit of useful dialogue and collaboration, in sharp contrast to the traditional conference format of boring, interaction-less panel sessions. My participation has led to seven peer-reviewed journal articles and one book chapter; four of these publications were collaborative ventures with other TLC attendees. The other benefit, of course, has been coming away from the TLC every year with new ideas that I can incorporate into my teaching. I can’t say the same for other academic conferences that I’ve attended over the years.