We’re Back! TLC 2016 Call for Proposals

PoltergeistThe 2016 APSA Teaching & Learning Conference (TLC) will be held February 12-14, 2016, in Portland, Oregon. The TLC organizing committee has written the call for proposals and a complete description of paper and workshops themes. The upcoming TLC will focus on the topic of high-impact practices in the classroom. For those who have never attended a TLC before, it is aimed at educators at all levels who teach political science and related subjects—university faculty and administrators, high school teachers, graduate students, research scholars, and others. 

As some of you know from reading other posts on this blog, the TLC is an amazingly productive conference that uses an interactive working group model. This format is much more interesting and useful than the staid panel sessions of other conferences. For me it’s led to six peer-reviewed publications with a seventh in process. Much of that scholarship has been produced in collaboration with people I first met at the TLC. 

Thanks to Heidi Souerwine of APSA for herding cats.

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