TLC Call For Paper Proposals

TLC 2015A reminder that that October 20 is the deadline for proposals for the 2015 APSA Teaching and Learning Conference (TLC), to be held January 16-18 in Washington, DC. The TLC differs from other conferences. At typical conferences, an attendee gives a brief presentation at one panel and then perhaps visits a few others. There is very little opportunity for feedback or dialogue. The TLC is very different — it follows a workshop format, where participants in a track exchange ideas on each other’s research throughout the conference. For me, the workshop format is far more productive than what I’ve seen at other conferences. For me it has led to several peer-reviewed publications, this blog, and learning from Simon how to rap like David Cameron. Plus there’s been no hurricanes or fires, unlike the APSA’s annual meeting.

One Reply to “TLC Call For Paper Proposals”

  1. I think you’ve really sold there!

    More seriously, it’s an excellent event, both for the quality of discussion and for the opportunity to meet others working in the field.

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