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My whiteboard sketches look nothing like this.
My whiteboard sketches look nothing like this.

About a year and a half ago I made a brief mention of Marginal Revolution University (MRU), a project of Alex Tabarrok and Tyler Cowen at George Mason University. I will be making extensive use of MRU’s resources in my development economics course in the fall, and the folks there have recently upped their game with a new video series, Everyday Economics. The videos that have been rolled out so far for Everyday Economics have a superb production value — an engaging narrator (Don Boudreaux), animated graphics, and an entertaining audio mix.

MRU is only one example of the ongoing expansion of high-quality online educational content. Whether the content’s subject is world historyclassical mechanics, or organic stereoisomers, its increasing availability makes lecturing in large doses in the classroom an even more inefficient use of student, instructor, and university resources. And as Tabarrok and Cowen argue in this article, the better the content gets, the more people will flock to it, and the cheaper it will be to access.

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