International Service Boot Camp

SelfieRelated to my recent Star Trek-influenced post about the benefits to students of becoming more globally connected, Kate Otto of Everyday Ambassadors has partnered with Daniela Papi of PEPY to deliver the first installment of a webinar series on international service for college students. The details are below.


International Service Boot Camp, episode 1:

“No Selfies with Cute Babies!” & Other Tips for Your Summer Abroad

Looking for your next “like”-worthy profile pic? Sorry, Instagram lovers, you can’t take it with that baby while volunteering overseas. To be a responsible volunteer, put the camera down, and tune into this session presented by Kate Otto of Everyday Ambassador and Daniela Papi of Learning Service. Tune in to pick up tips on responsible volunteering and making the most of your summer.

When: Tues May 27, 2014, 12:30-1:00PM EST (5:30PM-6:00 pm GMT)

Where: Google Hangout on Air. Click here to join: (

About the presenters:

Daniela Papi is the founder of PEPY Tours, an educational travel company and PEPY, a youth leadership and education organization in Cambodia. She has become an international advocate for a learning-first approach to international service. Daniela has worked with travel companies around the world to help them improve their philanthropic travel offerings. She recently graduated from Oxford’s Said Business School and was selected as a Skoll Scholar for Social Entrepreneurship.

 Kate Otto is a global health consultant who has worked in Indonesia, Ethiopia, Ghana, Tanzania, South Africa, Mozambique and Haiti for several development institutions, and author of forthcoming book Everyday Ambassador: Creating Connections that Last in a Digitally Distracted World. She founded Everyday Ambassador in 2011 as a network of global citizens who believe that human connection, even in an increasingly digital world, is the key to lasting, positive social change.