Worksheets for Adaptive Decision Making

BieberThe last two worksheets that I plan on using this semester for project-based learning are more explicitly oriented toward, for lack of a better term, adaptive decision making. I’m hoping these worksheets will lead each student to do four things:

  • Assess what direction his or her team is headed in,
  • Decide whether that direction is a good one,
  • Think of either a new, better direction or think of something that will improve what his or her team is currently doing.
  • Determine with his or her teammates how to make the team more productive.

The worksheets are 6 Plus Minus Interesting and 7 What Might Happen If.

Enjoy, and if you use any of these worksheets, please tell me how it goes. Who knows, they might even help Justin Bieber’s legal team prevent him from getting deported.