Leaving the Comfort Zone

Comfort ZoneLike most political science faculty of my generation, I did not encounter online learning either as an instructor or as a student until I had already become employed as a professor. I’ve only recently reverted to the role of a student by completing my first MOOC, but in fields like political science, MOOCs are not yet the equivalent of university-delivered online instruction.

I am teaching two seven-week graduate online courses that begin on October 23, on international political economy and complex humanitarian emergencies. If you want to see what online learning is like from the perspective of a student, are interested in developing proficiency in an unfamiliar subject area, or just want to learn something new, I encourage you to enroll. There is a tuition fee, but it’s quite inexpensive compared to what you’d pay in a full-time degree program. You’ll earn graduate credit hours from an accredited university and there’s no requirement that you apply to the degree program or be a matriculated student. If you click on the links above you’ll see excerpts from past syllabi and my email address. I’m happy to answer any questions.