CUNY Games Festival

I just found out about this neat festival/conference on game-based learning in New York City on January 17-18th. Their focus is on exploring the ways in which games can contribute to learning in higher education. Proposals (due tomorrow, October 1st) can be for 20 minute presentations, 10 minute short talks, or interactive demonstrations.

From their website, suggested topics for proposals include:

– Creating and using digital or non-digital games and simulations in higher education
– Working with students as they create games inside or outside the classroom
– Badges and in-game assessment
– Prototyping and/or playtesting
– Skill and drill games vs. deeper learning
– Comparisons of game-based learning to other pedagogies
– Discipline-specific games in higher education
– Critical thinking and social justice games
– Play-based learning
– The impact of games on the student and classroom experience

Sounds pretty neat.  I put in a proposal to discuss my use of World of Warcraft in a first-year seminar, but even if its not accepted I plan to attend.