Syria Scholarship Initiative

As some of you know, I advocate for campus internationalization so that undergraduate students in the USA get exposed to multiple cultural perspectives. One of the most rewarding aspects of my college career was getting to know and become friends with people from all over the world, after growing up in a small, rural town where everyone was just like me. I want more students, whether they are from the USA or another country, to have the same opportunity.

Homs DescructionThe Institute for International Education (IIE) is one organization that helps bring
students from different cultures together. One of its major programs is to provide emergency assistance to foreign students and scholars who are under threat. Currently the IIE, in partnership with Jusoor and the Illninois Institute for Technology, is leading a consortium of universities that is providing emergency support to students from Syria.

Here is one such student, who after receiving a scholarship to attend college in the USA, still needs about $3,800 to cover travel, insurance, and other incidental expenses. All donations go directly to the university’s Office for International Programs. I encourage you to support him and others like him — people who have had their educations interrupted by circumstances beyond their control.