2014 APSA Teaching and Learning Conference

I know a conference in 2014 is probably the last thing many readers of this blog are thinking about at the moment — given the rapidly approaching end of the spring semester in the USA — but I would like to plant a seed in people’s minds. The APSA Teaching and Learning Conference (TLC) has been highly productive and entertaining experience for us for many years. The APSA webpage for the 2014 TLC isn’t up yet, but here’s the 2013 conference. Next year’s conference will be held in Philadelphia, which, as we know from the TV show, is always sunny.

My participation in the TLC has led to several journal publications, most recently the article on assessment that I collaborated on with the magical Susherwood, in the recently-released special issue of the Journal of Political Science Education (JPSE). The work of the other people responsible for this blog also appears in this issue of JPSE.

The goodness doesn’t end there: I just received word that a revised version of the paper I presented at this year’s TLC has also been accepted for publication by JPSE. And, as has been mentioned previously, this blog was itself an outcome of the TLC in 2011.

It would be wonderful if you could join us next year.

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  1. I do hope to return to the conference. I came several years ago and through a series of events have not been able to get back.

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