Sat, as I am, in the departure lounge at Heathrow, I’m struck by two thoughts. First, blogging’s a pain on a phone (so I’ll keep it short).

Second, I’m thinking about failsafes. I’m
off to do my trainer teaching and I’ve tried to prepare for most failures.

My memory stick is backed up on my laptop and I’ve hosted my key files on Dropbox too. I’ve also got hard copies, in case the internet fails. I can cope with not having any computer facility when I teach, in short.

But my teaching itself has failsafes. Once I’ve met my group I’ll know better what they want/need, plus I’ll get running feedback through the programme.

I’ve done a bit overboard, but having had experiences through the years all of these kinds of problems, I’m ready for them. Indeed, some of my failsafes have been helped me improve my practice, not merely save it.

I’ll tell you next week how it all played out.