Classical Realism Game

This exercise comes from Victor Asal at SUNY-Albany. All it requires is a deck of playing cards, students, and the following slide presentation. I show the first four images in the presentation before starting the game, and the last four after the game has concluded when the class is discussing what happened.

Classical Realism Game

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  1. I played this with my students yesterday, in our first session on Negotiating Politics. As before, we played, then discussed human nature and incentives, then played again. And still they play! This was great for accessing a discussion about how hard-wired some attitudes and behaviours can be. Well worth the extra time!

  2. I did it in my class on World of Warcraft (its a first year seminar) on Tuesday when we talked about attitudes toward killing in games v. reality. Same thing as Simon–they were determined to ‘win’, even though I actually never said the bit about there being a winner. Still my favorite of the Asal Collection of games.

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