Dennis Rodman, Michelle Obama, and Kim Kardashian walk into a bar….

…. it is a moment destined for Twitterdom, all three instantaneously update their statuses….

You panic!!!! This fits your student’s research paper on the leveling nature of social media as a universal conversation among the different stratas of power in the United States!

A teachable moment!


Relax…. you’ll be fine. You are the professor, the wise, the calm, the panicking person who just figured out how to blog and now you have to micro-blog!!!!

Copy this into your browser favorite on your work computer…..

Rest assured that at some point in your contemporary life you are going to have to explain to your student that they will have to cite a tweet if they use it in research.

deep bow to the folks from MLA

Now….. I won’t tell anyone… go on… secretly push the link and memorize the citation. Witness that for the first time in history you not only will be citing a source, but the full text of the source is also fully quotable in your footnotes….. All 120 characters.

Even if you have never tweeted, you have fulfilled your role as the cool professor who now knows how to cite a tweet.

Now that’s some active learning for us!