Satire in the classroom

While I have not used their products, I have been very impressed with what the online textbook publisher soomopublishing is doing in terms of sharing information about pedagogical tactics.  Clearly some of this is oriented towards marketing their own products but a lot of it is not – and also very useful.    they send out an email related to their blog-   poliscilounge  -which often has very useful suggestions and one I saw this morning I wanted to pass along.   They  discussSatirical Resource Repository put together by Rebecca Glazier, Assistant Professor at the University of Arkansas in Little Rock.   While many of the links that Rebecca Glazier lists are not related to international or comparative politics – a lot of them are – and are excellent resources.   One of my favorites is from the Onion entitled   Northern Irish, Serbs, Hutus Granted Homeland In West Bank.  The only thing missing (for someone as lazy as me)  is that Rebecca Glazier gives you the names of the articles and the links to the general websites but not direct links.  Still a lot of fun though and something that I think is a useful tool to use with students.

P.S. one of the favorite things of mine produced by soomopublishing  is a video called Too Late to Apologize: A Declaration  (while related to American History) is fun to use when teaching about revolutions.   Plus it is a pretty good cover.

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  1. Another excellent source of satire that I’ve used extensively in the classroom is SatireWire– found at They wrote the classic ‘Axis of Just as Evil’ piece as well as some other stand-outs, such as “High School Students Demand Wars in Easier-to-Find Countries;” “Canadian Warship Seizes Tanker in…Wait, Canada Has a Warship?!?” and the “March Madness” series, which proposes UN-set brackets for a tournament of war. These are all older posts that I still used, as the author stopped writing them five or six years ago, but he recently re-started the site so there’s lots of good current work on there as well.

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