Avoiding Feature Creep, Part 1

This post is inspired by the disappearance of some of the last chalkboards on my campus because of a building renovation. I regard the chalkboard as one of the best teaching tools ever invented. They are absurdly easy to use. They have no moving parts and no need for electricity, so they always work. They are relatively inexpensive […]

Tacit Tactical Techniques for Teaching

Time to get meta! It is annual review time at my institution….I hate/love this point in the summer because I am forced to/have the opportunity to reflect upon my approaches to research and teaching.   In the process, I came to some generalized insights about my approach to assignment design. I decided that in my […]

When Grade Inflation Isn’t

Courtesy of Charles Gleek at Games Without Frontiers,  I became aware of an interesting discussion of grade distributions at TPRS Q & A: What grades should kids get? Notes on Evaluation for the Mathematically Challenged. It’s a bit long but worth reading. The author, Chris Stolz, points out that perceptions about “proper” grade distributions are […]

Simulation and Game Index

A relatively up-to-date index of posts about simulations and games as well as class exercises and activities; some items appear in more than one category: Theory  Bargaining model of war; 25 July 2016 Beer game: system-imposed constraints on decision making; 24 November 2013 Collective Action Problem Game, the collective action problem; 18 March 2015 Democracy vs. […]

Jedi Mind Tricks & Revealing the Wizard

There are two very good reasons for instructors to explain their pedagogical choices to students starting at day 1 and repeating consistently throughout the course: Evaluations and Intellectual Development. “These are NOT the droids you are looking for” Control for the outcomes you want to see reflected. For your purpose you can try: “These writing […]