More Lego, more production values

Long-standing readers of this blog will know that Lego has been a regular presence in my practice. Whether for creative play or for insights into political theory, it’s a great medium. Part of my use of it has been in videos. Many years ago, I made a little piece about electoral reform with the help […]

More Lego-based learning

This weekend I’ve been learning about learning from a young boy of my acquaintance.  Upon arrival at a weekend of wedding celebrations for his aunt, he discovered that while he had brought his recently-acquired Lego X-Wing starfighter – dismantled into its 400 or so individual bricks – he had left the instructions back home. After some […]

“You know, it’s like…”

I spent the weekend cycling through Northern England, with an old school friend. If I were so-minded, I could write you a whole blog post about how this was an analogy to the learning process, or to our professional careers, or something else. But I won’t. I won’t, not because I can’t, or because it’s […]

Moving offices, moving stuff

One of the many fascinating aspects of my Erasmus study abroad year in Bonn was that the town was then undergoing a major change: following reunification, the capital was being moved to Berlin, necessitating a multi-million DM programme of construction, re-construction and general upheaval. Right now, I feel a bit like I’m facing my own […]

Some more pop culture ethics

I’m pleased to report that even after a gap of several years, I still recently managed to destroy a colleague’s enjoyment of The Lego Movie by pointing out its representation of fascism, including the Newspeak of “everything is awesome.” Such found objects are valuable, not simply as a way of robbing the joy from quality […]

What do you see?

They let me out last week, to give a talk at a schools event, about studying at university. As well as a chance for some fresh air – and to discover the back roads of Dorset – it was also an opportunity to try out some new things. In particular, I had been toying around […]

The First Day of Class: Remix

As classes start up again for the fall semester, this might be a good time to revisit some great ALPS posts on how to approach the first days and weeks of the term.  We recommend: Start the way you finish–A reminder that active learning–regardless of when you may have scheduled a simulation or other activity–begins […]